Statements of Support

Tom Kepple, Ed.D.
Former President, Juniata College
President, American Academic Leadership Institute
“Dave Fusco was the leader of our technology area for most of my 15 years as President of Juniata College. Not only did he do extremely well in keeping our technology first rate, he did it at a time of level or declining resources. He hired outstanding individuals and developed them into a hard working, customer oriented, and motivated team. But even more importantly, he always had the long-term future of Juniata in mind as he directed our technology program. He was always asking strategic questions like: what technology did we need or not need to be competitive in the market; how could we best protect our information from attack; how best to help our faculty get the most out of our systems; how could we purchase more for less and many more. During his time at Juniata I never worried about technology – Dave had it covered.”



Joyce Pittman, Ph.D.
Educational Leadership Program Director
Chair-Research and Development, Pennsylvania Association of School Administrator and Global Education Research Consultant
Drexel University
“When I think about Dr. Dave Fusco, he reminds me of what it means to be a learning leader and I will tell you why. Dave understands and accepts responsibility for using creativity and innovation to infuse technology into the fabric of an organizational system to attract, build and sustain human relationships and knowledge development. As a learning leader, Dave has demonstrated through his research, professional and personal endeavors that he performs in the present but always with a vision for the future. His accomplishments provide evidence that he is intimately familiar with and values the business aspects of education but understands that the greatest returns on technological change and educational investment must ultimately be measured by the impact on learners within an organization and especially in higher education. In summary, Dave has the skill sets of all good leaders – vision, purpose, the drive to succeed, the ability to motivate others, solutions-orientation, and risk-taking.”



Brian Cameron, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Professional Master’s Programs
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University

“During the time that I have known Dave, he has been an invaluable leader in the education and technology environment. In my position, I interact with a great number of teaching, research, and technology professionals. I’m proud to say that Dave is in the top echelon in his field and represents what it means to be both an educator and technologist. Dave’s willingness to engage in the education realm is demonstrated through his strong participation in teaching and learning endeavors. Dave has a great collaborative style and would be highly effective in this position. He is very innovative and hard-working and would become a great asset to you as you take your organization forward.”



Sarah DeHaas, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Juniata College

“As a professional, Dave is progressive. He reads a lot—he is current with issues in higher education, technology, education, and business. Although technology now plays a greater role in higher education, it can still be a new frontier for higher education administration. Dave has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain Juniata’s technology infrastructure and processes within marketing, management, and instruction. More recently, Dave had a major role in the design of our new online graduate program in Non-Profit Organizations. As a person, Dave is positive, pleasant, and collaborative. He is a real joy to work with. He is smart and hard working, yet light hearted and takes time to laugh. Again, he has great knowledge and skills.”



Eden Dahlstrom, Ed.D.
Director of Research
“Many people say they use research and data to inform their decisions, but most really don’t. Dave is the exception to this rule, having demonstrated his commitment to investigate and use quality research to inform his practice.”



George Pyo

Saint Francis University
“His ability to envision solutions for the end user was invaluable. His insight and acknowledgement for efficiency was very apparent. As our careers continued to progress, I had the pleasure to continue to work with Dave as we shared stories and experiences that related to our professional assignments. I find Dave to be an upstanding and knowledgeable individual. Based on my interactions with him, I would recommend him for any professional endeavor that he chooses to pursue.”



Martin Ramsay
Managing Director, CEATH Company

COBIT Assessment of Juniata College CTS Department
“In many ways, Juniata College’s use of technology is outstanding. The attitude of collaboration, service, and application development is rare indeed among small liberal arts institutions. Were we to bring other college representatives to Juniata, we are confident that almost every one would appreciate, perhaps even envy, what Juniata has. The role that Juniata’s culture plays in what has been accomplished is clear.”